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Who we are


Biomass and log supply chain reliability is a requirement. Renewable user technologies demand a consistency of supply for energy systems, energy systems management, manufacturing, and procurement policy. Wood processing relies on certain fixed variables.


Selva Associates Limited operate as an appointed global agency for our clients renewable biomass procurement and processing schedules. In our professional capacity we are able to provide Biomass supply chain management within the global supplier market. Customers look for high quality Biomass, as graded woodchip, log, or wood pellet, delivered to specification. Selva Associates Limited will provide consistencies and fixed variables. This is achieved and maintained through the recognition that working closely with our suppliers is an essential part of excellent supply chain operation.


Our Directors and associates have over a decade of experience in global volume biomass, log and pellet purchasing and sales.  This maintains the consistent levels of quality at competitive prices needed by clients. Utilising extensive knowledge of species available in Europe, Canada, USA, and South America. Visit our Services page to find more information about the work we do.


Our website provides an overview about our philosophy and focus to add value for our clients.