About Us


Neal Lennox Hyett – Operations Director



Neal has worked in European emerging markets developing local and regional production of biomass, logistics, and dispatch to ports to secure supply chains. Neal extended into the American Market, working with global and LAM speciality sources.


This role in particular involved specification standards to ensure visible certification of legally sourced products, processing mill runs on sites, focused on small scale shipments delivered to market. These were small scale speciality wood volumes for business owners in bespoke manufacture and design industries. Specification and certification were crucial, as was a sustainable economic approach employed to implement effective supply chain management processes.


Biomass management has grown to become a vital presence in wood and biomass production. Neal has transferred his expertise into Europe to deliver reliable supply chain processes as a response to the increasing global demand for accountability. Our clients gain sustained consistency and confidence, where both customer and end user objectives are realised, and add value. Neal has refocused applications to ensure effective supply chain management meets and delivers Biomass and related products to these standards.



Lis Hyett – Managing Director


Lis has a wealth of global experience drawing on significant senior management experience gained throughout a 25 year career in the IT industry.  She has led many diverse global teams to deliver high profile services to Blue Chip organisations, with contracts values in excess of $1 bn.


Lis has worked extensively in the USA, South America, Africa, Asia Pacific, and Europe.  Typical contracts involved transformation of separate delivery models into a single Global management system. This reduced costs, improved service quality, and upskilled teams across many countries.


Lis remains committed to high service quality, collaboration, consistent delivery and high customer satisfaction. These attributes are the foundation of Selva Associates Ltd and our enduring successful partnerships to deliver quality, quantity, price and volume to exceed customer expectations.





Our associate companies operate in Europe and Asia working with us to develop professional supply chain management. Providing expertise through the supply chain from production to loading. This can include shipping (CIF and CNF). The focus is placed on accountable FSC and subsequent SBP compliance .


Please feel free to contact any of these associates through Selva Associates Limited and we can introduce you.