Products and Services


BIOMASS (FSC - with SBP protocol after 6 months of contract)


Woodchip: mixed and single species, graded on chip size, bark, and MC (ISO and Gsize)

Pellets: per specification (Industrial, DIN, DIN+)

Moisture content ratio: providing required energy values per unit (Gjoule/BDMT)

Long term contracts: against 14 day SCOs.  Provisional 12 month minimum.

Orchard co-products (trimmings and grubbed trees) planned






Various species of log. With or without bark, sawn log; gang plates. Scaled per specification.

Loose break bulk, or cut and containerised. Fumigation and Phytosanitary certification as required




Please enquire for any further product or services - woodpellet, fibre, woodchip.